Your Yard Just The Way You Want It

Here at Prickly Pear Landscaping we care about your wants for your yard as well as what design fits your environment best. Whether you have a blank slate as a backyard, want to re do your current design, or just want to spruce up your yard. We will make sure to leave you with a garden that will make you happy for years to come.


Start Fresh

With our experience we have come to make the design process as painless and quick as possible. With three easy steps we can have your yard looking just the way you want.


To kick off the design process one of our consultants will meet with you to learn about what you want from your yard and how we can best reach these goals. Questions that may be asked include "Do you have a garden style in mind?", "What's your budget for this project?", and "How do you use or want to use your backyard?". Our consultant will work with you to ensure your satisfaction and that we have all the information necessary to complete the design. 



Designed Backyard

Once your Consultation is complete our certified designer will get to work on making your dream come to life. After the design is complete our designer will submit the artwork and an estimate for you to sign and submit. If the estimate or artwork is not to your liking we will gladly get back to designing to make sure you're happy.


If you decide you're happy with the design process we will move on to install the design. Our team always receives detailed information to make sure that the design transfers from paper to your backyard as flawlessly as possible. If you're unsatisfied with the install or any damage to irrigation lines occurs we will fix it free of charge and that's a guarantee.