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Spring signals the start of all the beauty and fun that comes with a backyard. During this time our maintenance team focuses on cleaning out flower beds, taking care of bulbs, and taking measures to prevent heavy weed growth in the summer. This is the time to focus on pruning shrubs that can take it to ensure a succesful year and the time to begin planning summer annuals to give your house of color that it needs.  Our gardeners have tons of experience with the Colorado spring weather and will know what steps can be safely taken depending on how the season is going.


This is the season where all the fun begins. Our Maintenance crews will be focused on making your yard look as clean and healthy as possible. They do this by attacking the weeds before they can further spread in your garden, fertilizing annual flowers to ensure their highest quality color possible, and fighting off pests so your plants can focus on looking their best. This is also the time to get any new hardscapes put in, irrigation enhancements, and to put in new plantings if you desire them. 


As the growing season comes to an end you can rely on our maintenance team to ensure your garden transitions into the winter months smoothly. We do full fall cleanouts focusing on getting leaves out of garden beds, cutting back perennials at the correct time and correct height, as well as using pest management techniques to reduce the amount of pests on the property the following year. Fall can be just as beautiful as spring in the right hands.

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